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Lîm Tsú-thuàn/林子篆/Danny

@Tainan, Taiwan
email: dannypsnl@gmail.com


3+ years of development work experience, including compiler, networking, and web application. In-depth knowledge of Kubernetes and Container networking. A programming language theory lover and create several dependent type languages for fun. Use Racket and Arend in daily development.

Work Experience

  • Aionic Labs

    Elixir/Phoenix backend engineer

  • Glasnostic

    Deeply work with nowadays networking fundamental(include but not limited to eBPF, DPDK) to maintain the product: a network filter/analyzer only need four norms: request, bandwidth, concurrency, and latency but able to manage complex infrastructure.

  • AndroVideo

    Developing cloud web service with container-solution, and maintaining the device(camera) HMI system by communicating with the Android system.

  • Mapacode

    Developing Human Machine Interface to interact with CNC.

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